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    Azure Collective General Background


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    Azure Collective General Background

    Post  Quetzli on Wed Sep 16, 2009 8:36 am

    In Character Background

    The Azure Collective is an Azarch Hive that resides within what is generally known as the New World.

    It is a Hive controlled by the will of the Queen, the figurehead, the true ruler.

    Within the Collective are numerous levels of importance ranging from the lowerly Drones, through to the Chief Artisans and the High Priest. All have a role to play in making the Collective operate as a whole. The Myrmidons follow an aspect of the Basilisk and see the Queen as all important and powerful, therefore they follow her commands, especially when she is near!

    There is a much more detailed background of the group set up for people who are definitely interested in joining to read. Currently we have a detailed back history for the Collective as well as several other tales that we can tell to enhance our background story.

    Group Aims

    The Primary aims of the group are to survive and prosper in the harsh colonial invested world that we now find ourselves in, while growing, in knowledge and resources. Other more specific goals are set up but are to be revealed only to people who are set to join the group as a primary character. Through a mixture of quality roleplaying, luck, cheekiness and unified effort we have achieved more than we first thought would be able and more than had hoped for. As a result the plans and objectives of the group have stayed similar but grown in size and scope. We have big ideas and big plans.

    Out of Character Background

    The group has now been running since the first event 2009 and have achieved many goals while making few enemies and many allies. Currently there are between 6 and 10 active members of the group. The player base is originally from Southampton and Warwick, but now is spread across the UK, with players in Edinburgh, London and Southampton. There is always the possibility of lifts from existing members of the group from any of these locations.

    The players within the group are friendly, up for a laugh as well as meeting group and individual character agendas. At events we generally play a relaxed game that involves socialising with as many groups as we can while partaking in drink, food and merriment, but at the same time we manage to achieve a variety of goals and objectives that are generally set out before the event, plus a few that arise during play.

    We also have an in character camp that consists of one or more large-ish tents as well as a maze (currently under redesign and revamping). If you join the group then there will be no requirements to pay towards the cost of exisiting equipment, the transporting or maintenance of it, unless of course you wish to.

    As a group we consistently get praise from other roleplayers at maelstrom, after every event there are several posts on the Rule7 forums saying that the Azure Collective was one of the high points of a players event. The best way to see what we are like and to overcome the first impressions of the "Squeaky Bugs" is to come and interact with us at an event IC or OOC, you'll soon see what we are really like and you may well be more inclined to stick around.

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